The BIPM announced the installation of JNM-ECS400 at the newly established qNMR facility. This instrument is used for evaluation and improvement of qNMR methodology.



The BIPM press release is as follows.


New NMR facility at the BIPM


The BIPM has opened a new laboratory as a result of a collaborative agreement with the NMIJ/AIST. The centrepiece of the new laboratory is a 400 MHz NMR* instrument donated to the BIPM by JEOL France. The NMR facility will support the BIPM’s role as the coordinator of international comparisons on pure organic calibrators for National Metrology Institutes participating in the activities of the Consultative Committee for Amount of Substance: Metrology in Chemistry and Biology (CCQM).


The opening was carried out by Dr Barry Inglis, the President of the CIPM with Dr Bruno Achard the CEO of JEOL(EUROPE)SAS.


The focus of the comparisons and the collaborative programme to be carried out in the laboratory will be to develop and implement “quantitative” NMR (qNMR) methods that can demonstrate the comparability of purity measurement capabilities at the parts in 103 level for a broad range of compounds. The development of accurate qNMR methods with low uncertainties is seen as vital in ensuring effective and efficient underpinning of the metrological traceability and quality of analytical methods, pharmaceutical products and diagnostic tests in the future. The development of the facility is also being supported by NMI experts through the BIPM’s visiting scientist programme, with visits by Dr Takeshi Saito (NMIJ, Japan), Dr Ting Huang (NIM, China) and Dr İlker Ün (UME, Turkey) planned for 2015.


(*the instrument is donated by JEOL (EUROPE)SAS, this acknowledgement does not constitute an endorsement of the instrument)


Picture Caption: Opening ceremony of the qNMR facility at the BIPM on 14 November 2014, in the presence of the CIPM, representatives of JEOL France and BIPM Chemistry Dept. staff. From left to right: Dr S. Maniguet (BIPM), Dr N. Stoppacher (BIPM), Dr M. Milton (BIPM, Director), Ms. T. Choteau (BIPM), Dr T. Usuda (NMIJ/AIST and CIPM), Dr R.I. Wielgosz (BIPM), Dr B. Inglis (CIPM President), Dr S. Westwood (BIPM), Dr B. Achard (JEOL(EUROPE)SAS, CEO), Mr J-P, Munier (JEOL(EUROPE)SAS), Mr E. Freyria (JEOL(EUROPE)SAS), Mr R. Iinuma (JEOL(EUROPE)SAS), Dr H. Sasakawa (JEOL(U.K.)LTD.), Mr L. De Luca (JEOL(EUROPE)SAS)



BIPM website: “New NMR facility at the BIPM”



The International Bureau of Weights and Measures (French: Bureau international des poids et mesures), is an international standards organisation, one of three such organisations established to maintain the International System of Units (SI) under the terms of the Metre Convention (Convention du Metre). The organisation is usually referred to by its French initialism, BIPM.

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