The story behind the birth of the world’s smallest high performance spectrometer

Kenichi Hachiya. Development Group,Engineering Division

In August 2014, JEOL RESONANCE released a new NMR spectrometer, the ‘Z series’ (JNM-ECZS & JNM-ECZR). The routine ‘S’ model delivers performance equivalent to the high-end research ‘R’ model, but the spectrometer was smaller than all previous models – the main cabinet being just half the size of existing models. Here, we continue the story behind the birth of the world’s smallest, high performance NMR spectrometer.



Cryogenic probesThe development of “UltraCOOL” & “SuperCOOL” probes

Katsuo Asakura.Assistant Manager, Solution Marketing(at the time)

In 2013, JEOL RESONANCE launched the cryogenic NMR probe systems,”UltraCOOL” and “SuperCOOL”. Delivering sensitivity far exceeding conventional room temperature probes together with ease of use beyond that previously associated with cooled probes, such as probe change whilst cooled, and variable temperature measurement capability, the products received a lot of positive response. However, many dramatic stories lay behind the birth of these products.


Katsuo Asakura

The story behind the World’s first commercial NMR system that does not require helium replenishment

Engineering Department Executive manager Hiroto Suematsu

In April 2013, JEOL RESONANCE successfully released the world’s first NMR system with a zero-boil-off superconducting magnet. Here, we trace the birth of this epoch-making system that overcomes the problems of unreliable and increasingly expensive helium supplies.


Engineering Department Executive manager Hiroto Suematsu