Report on the exhibition of EUROMAR 2015


JEOL Ltd. and JEOL RESONANCE Inc. participated in EUROMAR 2014 held from July 4th to July 9th at Prague Congress Centre in Prague, Czech Republic.



The JEOL booth showed ECZ500R spectrometer with a new 64 slots auto sample changer ‘Jackbean’, Smart Transceiver System circuit board (a heart of the ECZ spectrometer), and a cryogenic solid state probe ‘Cryocoil MAS probe’ around a tower with large TV monitors at all faces. A ‘JEOL VIP terrace’ behind of JEOL booth was used as a recreation area for all participants.



The luncheon seminar ‘JEOL Symposium’ was held on 7th and 8th July. We presented applications of 120 kHz ultrafast MAS probe and 1020 MHz world highest field NMR, and also presented newly developed products. In the evening of those days, we had held ‘JEOL Reception’ and ‘JEOL VIP Dinner’ at the exhibition area and the historical restaurant respectively. We appreciate to all visitors to our events.



Our researcher Dr. Yusuke Nishiyama made an oral presentation, “1H/1H Homonuclear Mixing at Ultrafast MAS >120 kHz: 1H/1H, 1H CSA/CSA, 15N/15N, 14N/14N Correlation”. And also our researchers Dr. Katsuo Asakura, Dr. Michal Maloň, and Dr. Takashi Mizuno made poster presentations. A lot of audiences visited and gave many questions and useful suggestions.




Next EUROMAR will be held at Aarhus, Denmark on 3rd – 7th July 2016.


JEOL Ltd. and JEOL RESONANCE Inc. will provide a comprehensive solution to customer in various fields,