Report on The Basic NMR Seminar in English


The ‘Basic NMR Seminar in English: Spectral analysis of 1D & 2D NMR’ was held for foreign students and researchers in Tokyo and Osaka.



JEOL RESONANCE Inc. held this seminar to accommodate a request from international students who could not receive lectures on NMR spectroscopy in English language during their study in Japan. The venues were JEOL Otemachi office in Tokyo(Mar.10) and JEOL West Japan Solution Center in Osaka(Mar.17).


Dr. Michal Malon, who is an application scientist of JEOL RESONANCE Inc., gave
a lecture about 1D and 2D NMR spectral analysis, and led hands-on training sessions on structure elucidation.



The most of attendees told us there were no English lectures and training sessions on NMR spectroscopy in Japanese universities.


Some attendees had not had any experience of operating NMR spectrometers, thus the
contents of this seminar was a little bit difficult for them. However, we received a very positive response and earnest request for organizing further practical NMR seminars. Professor Mitsuru Tashiro (Meisei University), who had led these NMR seminars in English initially, kindly helped us as a teaching assistant and advisor.



All participants received a certificate at the end of the seminar.



After the seminar, a mixer was held at a restaurant near the venue in both Tokyo and Osaka, and the participants shared their experience with life and study in Japan.


JEOL RESONANCE Inc. holds various NMR seminars and training sessions for not only international students but all NMR users.