NMR database of natural products “CH-NMR-NP” has been released.


The NMR database of natural products “CH-NMR-NP” has been released.


The “CH-NMR-NP” is a long-established NMR database, which is built by Dr. Kikuko Hayamizu. This is released on JEOL RESONANCE website as a charge-free service by the courtesy of Dr. Hayamizu. Please note that registration on JEOL RESONANCE website is required to use all functions. The registration is also free of charge.


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[Introduction to CH-NMR-NP system]
13C and 1H NMR spectral database “CH-NMR-NP” for natural products” were compiled from leading Journals published mainly from 2000 to spring in 2014. Important criterion to adopt the data was that 13C shifts were given to the all carbons in the chemical structure together with the description of 1H shifts. The total number of the compounds is about 30,500 including 926 compounds related to natural product from SDBS-NMR.

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