Release of cutting edge NMR Spectrometer
with high end flexibility and expandability


JEOL Ltd. (President Gon-emon Kurihara) and JEOL RESONANCE, Inc. (President Takahiro Anai) are pleased to announce a new line of NMR spectrometers, JNM-ECZR series.


The JNM-ECZR series is a cutting edge and next generation NMR spectrometer that incorporates ultra-high accuracy RF circuitry utilizing the latest digital high frequency technology. The compact spectrometer design features unprecedented levels of performance and expandability to support the most advanced NMR experiments.




Main features


Latest digital and high frequency technology


Performance features, which are critical to NMR data collection such as RF phase, frequency, and amplitude control, NMR pulse shape waveform data table size, and digital receiver performance, have been improved by several orders of magnitude. These features collectively support the most advanced NMR experiments that combine a wide variety of NMR pulses in complicated NMR pulse sequences.



Providing rapid and stable operation of attachments


The control of attachments is enabled by the accurate and fast bus line.
The high speed control bus line that connects the spectrometer to attachments has been improved and provides rapid and stable operation of attachments.
Combined with the new auto sample changers and auto tuning unit announced last year, the JNM-ECZR spectrometer system is capable of fully automated continuous operation from sample measurement to data processing.



Flexible room layout


Compared to the JNM-ECAⅡ series, the ECZR spectrometer is 33% smaller in size. All system units, including the magnet and compact auto multi sample changer, can be laid out efficiently in a small room.



Improved functionality and design


The spectrometers all feature enhanced operational functionality as well as improved RF shielding, reduced exhaust heat and an impressive design in black.
Designed by Ken Okuyama of the world famous ‘Ken Okuyama Design’ company, the spectrometers share the same design pedigree as Ferrari cars!



JEOL will begin distribution of the JNM-ECZR in December 2014.



Annual unit sales target
100 units


Product info on NMR spectrometer ZETA (ECZR series)