“Delta” has been updated (v5.0.5.1)


The NMR data processing software “Delta” has been updated into version
This upgrade includes implementation of several improvements and BUG fixes as below.



Enhancement of baseline correction functions.

– enhancement of auto anchor function on interactive baseline correction
– removal of limitation for the number of anchor points
– additional algorisms for automatic baseline correction(Akima, Piecewise Linear, Polynomial, Trigonometric)


Enhancement of ruler related functions.

– font size, number format, color, background color, title on/off, title position, etc.


Enhancement of peak picking functions.

– enable peak picking under the threshold level


Enhancement of J-coupling analysis tool.

– Journal format creation for 13C and other nuclei spectrum
– Journal format setting on the tool GUI


Enhancement of temporary file handling.

– resolving ‘unintentionally saved data’ issue


Data conversion function enhancement

– An enhancement of convert function imports other vender’s data format.


Several BUGs were fixed.






Delta v5.0.5.1 installer (Windows version)


Delta v5.0.5.1 installer (Mac OS X version)






* The free trial version just comes with data processing.
* The free trial version cannot be used to control the spectrometer.