“Delta” has been updated (v5.0.4.3)


The NMR data processing software “Delta” has been updated into version
This upgrade is including new features below and several bug fixing.



J coupling pattern analysis function


– An automatic analysis tool of J coupling pattern.

– An export function of publication format of NMR data.



ER(Electric Record) and ES(Electric Signature) function enhancement


– An enhancement of audit logging contents.

– An enhancement of printing signatures, and etc.



Data conversion function enhancement


– An enhancement of convert function imports other vender’s data format.



Renewed JEOL logo.




  • Download


Delta v5.0.4.3 installer (Windows version)


Delta v5.0.4.3 installer (Mac OS X version)






* The free trial version just comes with data processing
* The free trial version cannot be used to control the spectrometer.